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With Schneebeben winter sport lovers have the opportunity to escape daily routines and spend a day with perfect snowy slopes, fresh mountain air and a big After Snow party. Every Saturday, October through April, more than 35.000 customers from all over Germany travel to the alps with us. With more than 200 departure stations, Schneebeben belongs to the most successful ski-trip providers in Germany.

Our trips are great for everyone! If you want to try skiing for the first time or can’t afford to go on a longer vacation: we are the perfect solution! Our partner ski resorts also receive an immense benefit since Schneebeben functions as a marketing tool for them as well. Not only do the participiants use the shops and restuarants on site, the customers can try the ski resort without commiting for a longer stay. That makes Schneebeben the perfect combination of marketing and sales for our destinations.

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