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Ski In Luxury was established in 2005 and Ultimate Luxury Chalets in 2007. 16 years on and our two ski brands are arguably the most recognised and reputed website names in the luxury ski chalet market.

The last 18 months have been the toughest faced both personally and professionally for everyone. However, our business has retained its focus and both our clients and team have been well looked after; thus we are lucky to look back with some highlights... Firstly, our exclusive brand Ultimate Luxury Chalets showcased a new-look with a stunning new website that epitomises everything the luxury ski industry is about, whilst at the same time focusing on a seamless user experience.

Another of our highlights includes us supporting the Protect Our Winters charity. We all took part in the #SaveThe2000 campaign with a Boys VS Girls race to reach 2,000km. It brought out our competitiveness, demonstrated our team tenacity and tested our fitness, whilst above all helping to protect the future of the ski industry and the impact on our mountains.

Throughout the pandemic, we have kept our incredible team who show an immense passion and dedication to the company, our clients and the wider ski industry. Their amazing efforts and exceptional customer service should be commended. To win the award would be an honour and a fitting testimony to our progress, commitment and enthusiasm, along what’s been a huge mountain to climb!

We believe that we deserve to be crowned World’s Best Ski Travel Agent 2021, but we need you to vote for us!

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