Arctic Heli Skiing (Iceland and Greenland)

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About Arctic Heli Skiing (Iceland and Greenland)


Arctic Heli Skiing offers unparalleled helicopter skiing adventures on the Troll Peninsula of Iceland. Our position just below the Arctic Circle with the mountains rising straight out of the sea allows for the skiing experience of a lifetime, skiing all the way down to the ocean basking in the rays of the Midnight Sun.

Our vast terrain covers more than 4000 square kilometers of breathtaking Arctic mountains with terrain that suits every skiers ability, be it extreme couloirs or wide open glaciers. The potential for world class down hill skiing is mind blowing with thousands of slopes to be skied and vertical descents of up to 1500m or almost 5000ft.

Arctic Heli Skiing will enter its 11th consecutive season in 2018 and we are committed to operating at the highest standard possible in the industry of heli skiing as Iceland's premier heli ski operation. Please support us by voting.

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