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World Ski Awards 2022 Winner

Tesla Transfers

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Based in the centre of the award winning Verbier ski resort, Tesla Transfers is one of the only entirely electric taxi and transfer services in the world. We do everything the other services do, but emission free!

As you guessed from the company name, our small but rapidly expanding fleet is wholly Tesla and is accompanied by all their advantages. 100% electric, impressively silent and spacious. We also have the falcon wing doors and sweeping windscreens so you can really appreciate those mountain views.

'It’s not easy being green' - It takes us extra logistical work using electric vehicles compared to the other taxi services, but we strongly believe it is the right thing to do. We hope our story brings green alternatives to the forefront of the industry.

We offer complimentary refreshments and WiFi to meet our executive standards but remain one of the most affordable services in town. Our growing list of regular customers, hotels and business partners displays our fantastic local reputation. Check out our Instagram for more information including eco-friendly initiatives in the local area! @tesla.transfers

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